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So, my live journal is back. An interesting week it has been. Filled… - cool as a moose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 13th, 2005|10:57 am]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Dark Blue]

So, my live journal is back. An interesting week it has been. Filled with cheer and anger. The school week was long and I was so anxious to get out of school yesterday. I walked home for the fisrt time in about a month or so. It wasn't all that bad. Somewhat in a way peaceful. Strolling along the sidealk jammin' your ipod to as loud as it can go can do wonders on a bad day. Yesterday morning, i decided that i need to make a sincere effort to do well in school. Yeah that sounds kind of late to try to start doing concidering the school year started last september. But i have been experencing so many life altering things where i am not only growing up but i am maturing, well in most ways that is. So on the top of my list, get science and math homework done everyday in school. That way, the shitty subjects stay at school. 2nd, i need to find a job. Yeah i know i have been saying this for quite a while but i think it's time for me to really get one. It would keep my occupied so the days that i was home alone won't be so boring and it will bring in a little bit more money into my life. I think since last night i got in to some trouble, doing things such as these could bring a better relationship to my mom and i.It sounds lame i know, but i hate fighting with the person i live with so..I look back on my life last year so much and i think about how i have changed. Yeah some of it has been for the worst, but honestly i don't think i regret anything. Yeah so is prb. the worst it has ever been for me but as far as i am concered, the people i care about are far more imporant than say biology. Today i have alot to do, clean up my room, do all of my make-up work, bake a cake and so on. For now i am out, but perhaps another entry later on.